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Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate: $17,585,466

Most ENERGY STAR Appliance Rebate payment cards will be mailed in August with some spilling over to September. The auditing that must be conducted on the rebate batches is taking longer to conduct than we anticipated. If you do not receive your rebate by September 25, please visit for assistance.

Program Impact:Sunshine State's Rebate Program Means Big Sales for Retailers

Florida's energy-efficient appliance rebate program kicked off April 16; by April 19, consumers had claimed more than 72,000 rebates that cut 20% off the purchase price.

"In 2 days (Friday and Saturday) we grossed $160,000 in sales. I believe that is more than we have ever done in one month during our 62 years of existence, let alone in 2 days!," said Bob Hurst of The Appliance Center in Panama City. "I want to thank President Obama and Governor Crist for helping us see green in sales and the citizens of Florida for going green with their ENERGY STAR appliances!"

The Appliance Center is the oldest retail store in Bay County, Florida, says Hurst, who has run the family business for more than 30 years.

"Across the state, retailers were thrilled [with the program]," said Brenda Buchan, program manager for Florida's rebate program. Refrigerators topped the sales list statewide; consumers also saved on freezers, clothes washers, dishwashers, room air conditioners, and gas tankless water heaters. Many retailers cut their prices or offered sales in addition to the state rebates.

Florida offered an additional $75 credit for recycling, which helped increase awareness of recyclers and landfills to residents, said Buchan. Many recyclers increased staff or offered additional hours to keep up with demand.

The program has contributed $62 million to Florida's economy and generated $4 million in tax revenues, according to the Florida governor's office.

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