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2007 Climate Summit

Governor Crist Tackles Climate Change

In 2007, Governor Charlie Crist set a new direction for Florida's energy future by signing a groundbreaking set of Executive Orders during the Serve to Preserve Florida Summit on Global Climate Change. The three Executive Orders represent the Governor's commitment to addressing global climate change. The orders will guide Florida to reduce greenhouse gases, increase energy efficiency and pursue more renewable and alternative energy sources, such as solar and wind technologies, ethanol and hydrogen.

During the Summit, Florida formed a partnership with the United Kingdom and outlined action items to support the climate control policies of each partner and work towards the rapid transition to a global low carbon economy.

At the close of the Summit, Governor Crist appointed an Action Team on Energy and Climate Change. The Action Team has already completed the Phase One report and will continue to develop a strategy to protect our state from the effects of climate change.

The Governor is moving Florida forward to ensure the continued prosperity of her economy and the protection of her beautiful natural resources.


Please select this link for the complete Florida Climate Change Summit agenda.

Executive Orders & Partnership Agreements

On July 13, 2007, Governor Charlie Crist signed three Executive Orders initiating Florida's energy policy. The Governor also signed partnership agreements with Germany and the United Kingdom outlining an agreement that focuses on climate policies and mutual economic benefits.

2007 Climate Summit Webcasts

2007 Climate Summit Press Releases