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Greenhouse Gas Reduction Scorecard

On July 13, 2007, Governor Charlie Crist signed Executive Order 07-126 "Leadership by Example: Immediate Actions to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Florida State Government." Within that Executive Order the Governor called for the creation of a Florida Governmental Carbon Scorecard to track and report the reduction of greenhouse gases.

State government is Florida's largest enterprise. By evaluating its impact on greenhouse gas emissions and targeting areas for reduction, the State of Florida will be an international leader for positive global climate change. The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Department of Management Services (DMS) collected data from 34 participating agencies to create Florida's first-ever, baseline assessment of greenhouse gas emissions from state government. This data is the baseline to create the Florida Greenhouse Gas Reduction Scorecard.

FY 10-11 Carbon Footprint Summary - Q1 (pdf 21.59 kB)
FY 09-10 Carbon Footprint Summary (pdf 85.75 kB)
FY 08-09 Carbon Footprint Summary (pdf 93.44 kB)
FY 07-08 Carbon Footprint Summary (pdf 86.18 kB)
FY 06-07 Carbon Footprint Summary (pdf 86.18 kB)

Fast Facts on the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Scorecard

Get a quick overview of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Scorecard, and what it means to the State.