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State Fleet Operations

Department of Management Services

Fleet Management

Fleet Management manages the acquisition, operation, maintenance, and disposal of the state's fleet of motor vehicles and watercraft. The state's fleet includes approximately 25,000 units, the fleet includes automobiles & light trucks, medium & heavy trucks, construction & industrial equipment, tractors & mowers, and small utility, motorcycles & ATVs.

Responsibilities of this program area include developing policies and practices for effective and efficient acquisition, assignment, use, maintenance and disposal of vehicles and watercraft. In addition, Fleet Management determines motor vehicles and watercraft to be included on state contracts; develops technical bid specifications; and assists in evaluating the contracts. This area ensures the cost-effective acquisition of safe, energy-efficient and quality vehicles and watercraft.

Fleet Management provides the Equipment Management Information System (EMIS) which is a fleet management and reporting system. The system provides the management and cost information required to effectively and efficiently manage the state's fleet. EMIS also provides accountability of equipment use and expenditures.

List of Commercial Alternative Fuel Facilities

As interest in alternative fuels continues to grow, many retail stations are beginning to offer biofuels, such as biodiesel and ethanol. In order to help consumers find these alternative fuels, a list of biodiesel and ethanol providers has been compiled:

Florida's Alternative and Renewable Fuel Station Locator

Fleet Division

The Department of Management Services maintains the State of Florida's vehicle and aircraft through the Fleet Division. You can learn more about what services they offer on the Fleet Division website.